Buttercream Cakes with Fresh Blooms

9 June 2017
Buttercream Cakes with Fresh Blooms

I’ve had the joy of creating some rather special cakes recently. Beautifully simple, semi-naked cakes adorned with fresh fragrant blooms – the kind of cakes that I especially love to make. The cake featured above has a collection of exquisite roses. Firstly, there are the ‘Juliet’ David Austin roses with their folds upon folds of sweet peachiness. These gorgeous roses are especially sourced from The Real Flower Company. Then there are the delicate Quicksand and elegant Avalanche roses from Leigh Chappell Flowers. Altogether the flowers made the perfect combination for this 70th birthday celebration cake. To add an extra touch of glamour, I hand-painted the buttercream with brushstrokes of antique gold lustre dust.

This was another milestone birthday cake and was ordered as a surprise by a husband for his much loved wife. He requested a romantic-styled cake with all of his wife’s favourite flowers and colours. The beautiful pink colouring is from the fresh raspberry juice used to flavour the buttercream. Depending on the raspberry variety, the resulting pink colouring can be as pale as blush pink or much like this cake, a deep dark vivacious pink.

Coral peonies on a smooth buttercream cake

How lovely to be able to decorate a cake with the much-loved peony. I’ve created a watercolour effect with the buttercream to pick out the pretty peach and coral tones of the flowers. This seems like the perfect, feminine cake for the month of June! And here are some more cakes decorated with fresh flowers.

Blush pink buttercream decorated with fresh pink peonies, macaron and meringue kisses
Smooth buttercream cake decorated with blush pink rose, macaron and chocolate truffles

This is a vintage style buttercream cake with a rustic finish and topped with dreamy Amnesia and Memory Lane roses, again from the lovely Leigh Chappell. The simplicity of this cake seems to make it all the more beautiful.