Slices of buttercream cake

Let's Talk Cake!

I use the highest quality ingredients, organic and ethically sourced where possible, to bring together the most flavoursome and tasty cakes.

And now comes the tricky part, which is choosing your cake flavours. That's right I did say flavours, because you can have more than one flavour in your tiered cake. It could be a favourite of yours that you definitely want to include, or you might like to try something a little different, something that may leave you and your guests wanting more.

I know the aesthetic of your wedding cake is important, but the cake underneath that beautifully crafted exterior is what you and your guests are going to get most excited about. Am I right?

Creating a cake for you that you’ll always remember, not just for its looks but also for its flavour, is of the utmost importance to me. On your wedding day, you'll want decadence, luxury and indulgence to celebrate this truly special occasion.

To help you with this task, I’ve put together a list of delicious flavours that I have made over the years. There are always more flavours to be had so if there is a flavour you are keen to have in your wedding cake, and you don’t see it here, do tell me about it and I will make it for you. Your wish is my command!

Buttercream Cake Flavours

– Lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream

– Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry / strawberry / blackberry jam (aka Victoria sponge cake)

– Vanilla and raspberry cake with white chocolate ganache and raspberry jam

– Vanilla cake with fresh strawberries, prosecco syrup and vanilla buttercream

– Chocolate cake with salted caramel and chocolate ganache

– Caramel cake with salted caramel and salted caramel buttercream

– Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

– Coffee cake with coffee buttercream / Baileys buttercream

– Orange cake with orange curd and orange buttercream

– Coconut cake with mango and passionfruit compote and coconut buttercream

– Coconut cake with passionfruit curd and passionfruit buttercream

– Vanilla cake with fresh raspberry buttercream

– Coconut cake with raspberry and rosewater compote and vanilla buttercream

– Orange chocolate cake with orange chocolate buttercream

– Carrot cake with orange zested cream cheese frosting

– Spiced ginger cake with cream cheese frosting

– Chocolate cake with mint buttercream

– Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting

– Banana cake with salted caramel and cream cheese frosting

– Coffee and walnut cake with coffee buttercream

– Chocolate & black cherry cake with kirsch cherries and vanilla buttercream

– Apple and cinnamon cake with vanilla buttercream

– Almond cake with almond buttercream

– Pistachio cake with pistachio buttercream

Sumptuous Buttercream Cakes

Now then