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What kind of ingredients do you use in your baking?

Why do you only make buttercream cakes?

My cakes are all about the flavour and I achieve this by using the highest quality ingredients, sourcing organic, British and ethically produced where possible. The flavour really matters to me because as beautiful as a cake looks, it's got to taste even better. I’m passionate about creating delicious, indulgent cakes because I want your wedding cake to be one that you always remember, not just for its beauty but also for how it tastes.

I don't enjoy eating fondant and I believe in making cakes that I love to eat and that I feel passionate about making. I do adore the flavour of buttercream....and my kind of buttercream is made with creamy organic butter and whipped with just the right amount of sugar to a lovely, fluffy consistency. Not too sweet and most definitely melts in the mouth. Accompanying a sponge cake that's moist in every mouthful – that's the kind of cake I want to dive into!



Do you make any flavour combination?

How much do your cakes cost and do you have a starting price?

I can make any flavour you wish for, although these are a few of my most popular flavourways:

- lemon sponge cake with lemon curd & lemon buttercream

- vanilla and raspberry sponge cake & white chocolate ganache

- chocolate cake with salted caramel & chocolate ganache

- coconut cake with mango & passionfruit compote

When you enquire, I can share a comprehensive list of flavours.

The wedding cakes I create are individual and tailor-made just for you, so if you're looking for an accurate price it's always best to get in touch. But as a guide, I'd advise that the starting price for a 3-tier buttercream cake (excluding delivery) is £595 and would feed 80-90 guests a finger-sized portion (1" x 1" x 5"). You may wish for your cake to have additional details or embellishments or personalised touches so please do enquire for more detailed pricing.


Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

As I have a child who is allergic to nuts, my day-to-day food preparation for my family caters for special dietary requirements. So my kitchen and baking processes are all set up for baking cakes for people with allergies such as nut, gluten, dairy, etc. I have honed delicious free-from recipes for gluten-free cakes, for vegan, for dairy-free. So if you or some of your guests have particular needs that require catering for, just let me know when you get in touch..



What measures do you take to run an ethical and sustainable business?

Do you deliver your cakes to the wedding venue?

I see this as an essential part of my service I will deliver your wedding cake to your venue and set it up to look as beautiful as it can be. I love to style the cake table so as to truly show off your wedding cake. I deliver cakes to London, the surrounding counties of Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex, Hertfordshire as well as the Cotswolds. When you contact me, I will always quote for delivery and set up charges to your wedding venue.

I'm very conscious of the impact my business has on the environment so I endeavour to minimise waste and bake only what is needed. I recycle packaging and re-use where possible (while maintaining food and safety hygiene). I buy in bulk to minimise deliveries and opt for recyclable packaging. By using organic ingredients, I support organic farming which is considered to be more sustainable and has less damage on the environment. I also source ingredients from ethical providers.

Romantic buttercream wedding cake with fresh flowers

How do we




Cake sampling

Securing your booking

Message Me

Once I've confirmed my availability, the next step is to try my cake - one of the most fun parts of wedding planning I'm sure. I offer a postal cake sampling service where a taster box is sent to you via overnight delivery. This is a convenient service for busy couples where you can enjoy trying my cakes in the comfort of your home.

So now you've tried my cakes and have decided to go ahead with your booking. The next step is to secure your wedding date by paying a non-refundable deposit. On receipt of this payment you are all booked into the diary and we can schedule a video call to talk about the cake design, the flavours of the tiers as well as other wedding details. .

First things first, send me a message via the form on my contact page. Say hello and share some details about your wedding. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can to confirm my availability. As part of my service, I personally deliver each and every cake and assemble it at the wedding venue. So once you've got in touch, I can give you an idea of pricing for your wedding cake as well as delivery and set up charges.