Intimate, Socially Distanced Wedding in Richmond upon Thames

3 September 2020
Intimate small wedding at Merton Registry Office | Elena Popa Photography

This year has brought so many ups and downs for everyone in the world for so many ways! For my wedding cake business, I’ve been accommodating so many postponed weddings, I really didn’t think I’d be making any cakes in 2020! But despite the need for social distancing and the government guidance to limit the number of guests, what I hadn’t anticipated was the surge in small, intimate weddings that would be taking place this year. And what has been so lovely is that even though couples might be having 30 guests or less, the wedding cake is still such an important part of their day. Some couples have been choosing to really spoil their guests and have still been going big with their cakes so that they and their guests can eat all the cake they could wish for!! 

And others have been opting for a smaller sized cake – I’ve really loved creating these small yet mighty showstopper cakes. Who said a small cake can’t pack a punch eh? Whatever the size, it has made me beyond happy to be able to play a small part in these heartfelt and hugely meaningful celebrations. 

Intimate small wedding at Merton Registry Office | Elena Popa Photography

This year I’ve learnt even more about what the ceremony of marriage can mean to people. For me personally, taking that step into marriage with my husband 17 years ago deepened our relationship and connection to each other in a way we’d never anticipated. I’ve been hearing more and more, how this declaration of love and commitment through marriage has such immense meaning to so many people and that despite the challenges, couples are choosing to get wed now. Before Covid-19, we were able to make choices and decisions with full freedom and choose to have weddings however we wanted. Right now, those freedoms have been taken away but this is where the human spirit is an incredible thing, because for those who still want their wedding in their way – those people are showing courage to hold on and wait for their dream wedding. And others are showing their strength by saying they’re going to get married no matter what and are going ahead with their adapted wedding plans. It doesn’t matter that they’ll have fewer guests or smaller celebrations because getting married to the person they love, the person they want to share the rest of their lives with is what matters to them the most and they don’t want to wait any more. To each and every person making these decisions to do what they need for them and their partners and their families – I have so much respect for you. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong answer, only the answer that is true in your heart is the one that counts.

So on that note, I’m going to tell you about a beautiful little wedding I took part in last month, a wedding for less than 20 people. The bride-to-be had spotted a cake I’d made for my first shoot after lockdown and wanted a similar design for her wedding day. I was thrilled to hear that Elena Popa was shooting their wedding, as she is one of my favourite photographers and is also a wonderful friend! The lovely Johanna Pedrick provided flowers for the cake for me too, so I knew I would be able to create a really gorgeous looking cake for the couple. They had a wedding ceremony at Merton Registry Office but because of Covid-safe regulations, they were only permitted 2 witnesses, no guests and no photographer inside – but this wasn’t going to stop this lovely couple from exchanging their vows. And they still got to celebrate with friends and family and had a socially-distanced celebration at Richmond Hill Hotel. Ok, so their guests had to keep their social distance, some chose to wear facemasks, but the couple had a glorious summer’s day for their wedding and they got to get married! You can just see the love and joy on their faces and how much this day meant to them. I’m just so hugely grateful to every couple who commissions me for their wedding day. I know I say this over and over, but I will never stop feeling grateful to be chosen to be a part of such a special occasion and one that is such an important milestone in a couple’s life. 

Socially distanced Summer wedding in Richmond Hill Hotel | Elena Popa Photography
Elegant square buttercream wedding cake decorated with fresh white flowers and edible gold leaf for intimate wedding at Richmond Hill Hotel | Elena Popa Photography
Intimate Summer wedding in Richmond upon Thames over looking the view of the River Thames | Elena Popa Photography
Modern wedding couple in Richmond upon Thames | Elena Popa Photography
Intimate Summer wedding in Richmond upon Thames over looking the view of the River Thames | Elena Popa Photography