Mid-week Cake Love: My new Instagram hashtag project

28 June 2017
Elegant pretty cup cakes

To be truthful, I wasn’t so sure about social media platforms. That is until I created an account on Instagram just over a year ago. It has a very unique feel to it, and admittedly is going through changes of its own currently. But as a platform to ‘meet’ like-minded people, to find a community that understands your creativity and a place that never ceases to inspire – well Instagram has been quite revolutionary to me.

When you run your own business and it’s just you – it can be lonely at times. Yet, since joining Instagram I don’t feel that way any longer. Instagram has given me a way to connect and talk with people so that I don’t feel that sense of isolation. My Instagram journey has been running alongside my exploration of food photography as well as the courses I’ve been taking with Makelight. And the last year has felt really exciting. I’ve been loving the whole thing!

Going back a few months, during those cooler winter days, I started sharing pictures of home-baked cakes or celebration cakes as a form of a mid-week pick me up. I then had this lightbulb moment that I could invite others to join in too, and this is how my hashtag project #midweekcakelove came about. The intention behind it is so simple and heartfelt. It’s all about cherishing the little things. Cake is so closely tied with celebrations and special occasions, yet also the intimate gatherings and moments of comfort. In all its many guises and forms, it does symbolise happiness and joy. So what could be better than sharing our love for this wondrous food. 

I can’t tell you how wonderful it’s been to see images pop up in my feed that have been tagged with my hashtag. What’s been even lovelier is hearing about people baking especially just to be able to join in with their photographs and IG posts. It honestly makes me so happy!

If this is the first time that you’re hearing about #midweekcakelove – well I would be so delighted if you chose to join in too. Do share your love of cakes, bakes and all that good, sweet stuff! 

This blog post certainly wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share some of my favourite images since the hashtag started up. For image credits, see below and please do check out these beautiful accounts Xx

Top grid – TL: @milktoasthoneyuk, BL: @jude_magee, C: @maxine_mason, TR: @gfreeb, BR: @blueberrylivingco

Bottom grid – TL: @cazsultz, TR: @sweetcafeinternational, BL: @mabelandmole, BC: @makelight, BR: @aslowgathering