Russell Kent Nicholls – Cinematic Wedding Videographer – Guest Blog Spot

6 April 2020

I am so excited to be sharing a series of blog posts on wedding suppliers I hugely admire. I’m starting off with the fabulous Russell Kent Nicholls. I had the pleasure of meeting Russell earlier this year as I won a branding shoot with both Russell and Rebecca Carpenter. I’m greatly indebted to them both because they went above and beyond on the content they’ve created for me (you can view the video Russell made for me on my Home page). When I watched my video for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes – I felt like Russell had seen into my soul and brought that feeling and sentiment to life in his moving imagery. He brings joy, laughter, love and emotion into his videos – I think he has an exceptional gift and is incredibly talented at what he does. I’m so honoured to feature him as my first guest, so go on and have a read and learn more about this extraordinary man.

Russell Kent Nicholls: Kent based cinematic wedding videographer. Photo by Rebecca Carpenter

So Russell, when did you start your videography business? And did you do something else before?

Around 2018 I really put all my focus into my videography business – prior to working hard on video I ran a health supplement e-commerce company which I still have some involvement in. Using my free time to brush up on my video skills was wonderful; being self taught meant I never stopped learning about cameras, lenses, composition, music choices and storytelling. When you’re self employed in a hobby-turned-job you’re learning new things every day and it’s lovely that people would even consider paying me for making little films that make me happy.

What do you love about weddings and what made you decide to become a wedding videographer?

I’ve always loved making videos that touch people, ones with emotion, beautiful happy faces and capturing those moments that pass us by. Weddings were one of the longer videos I’d practice with when I first played with my camera, offering to shoot them for friends and family. It then came to a point where friends of friends would ask me to shoot theirs, then their friends, then to complete strangers finding me and wanting to book me for theirs. It was a surreal, uplifting experience and really boosted my confidence. My clients are always so grateful for the way I’ve captured their day and I love the romance, details and beauty that can be found at every wedding – it’s such a joy to be able to give people something to look back on for years to come and an honour that they’d consider me to be give that to them.

A precious moment caught between a new husband and wife in Russell Kent Nicholls' wedding video

How would you describe your style?

I’d describe my style as high end, cinematic videography with an upbeat, modern twist. I love colours and music and really use those to my advantage in the storytelling. I know how much the colours, style and soundtrack can come together to provide such a heart wrenching impact. I like to focus on both romance and fun and show everyone having the time of their lives with their nearest and dearest. My choice of cameras and lenses help me provide a consistent, luxurious look which my clients tend to book me for.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I’m inspired mostly by American wedding video trends as American weddings always go to town on details, styling, budget and a lot of videographers in the US are pushing boundaries when it comes to what people would normally expect from a wedding video. I watch endless wedding vides on YouTube and they really inspire me and provide ideas that I can pass on to my clients to make their video different. I also really like fashion adverts and music videos, and whilst they’re not always relevant to wedding videography I like to use elements of those for my styled shoots and fashion videos. 

Most importantly though and from a business side of things, I’m inspired by the female photographers I work with. They are my biggest supporters; my teammates to bounce ideas off, my best friends and sisters, and they help me live my dream of being able to create beautiful content for the world to see. Without them, I’d be nowhere near as creatively inspired and every day they impress me with their prowess, attitude, focus and determination to keep expanding their businesses and knowledge.

 Behind the scenes filming branding video for Sugar Plum Bakes | Rebecca Carpenter

What do you love most about your job?

When the wedding is over and the video is done, showing couples their video for the first time is the most rewarding sensation. Never knowing what they really think until the end is a very nerve-wracking moment but thankfully, the feedback has always been amazing. They’re transported back to their big day and reliving the best bits right before their eyes, and it’s marvellous! Also, I’m quite a people person, so meeting new couples, clients and suppliers makes the whole process very sociable because on the flip side, editing can be very isolating.

Where do you want to take your business?

I’m completely satisfied with where my business is now because it’s at a level I never expected it to be in a million years. I’ve been so taken back by people’s kind comments about my work and when I was recognised as one of the ‘UK’s top 30 videographers’ I really felt like I’d achieved everything I had set out to, plus more. I suppose I’d just like to keep doing what I’m doing and if things grow further then I’d be absolutely delighted. Although, if BooHoo call and ask me to shoot their next fashion campaign, I wouldn’t hate it.

Russell Kent Nicholls Wedding videographer behind the scenes in Santorini wedding

Is there a destination that you’re dying to film a wedding at?

I’d absolutely love to shoot in a desert in the USA, or a national park such as Joshua Tree. Somewhere hot, sandy, with views for days. I think an elopement style wedding there would absolutely out of this world.

What’s your favourite cake flavour?! And what’s your favourite tipple?

I actually LOVE carrot cake – with plenty of icing! I’m not a huge drinker but if I’m relaxing on a warm Sunday afternoon I’d quite happily enjoy a fruity cider on the patio.

Behind the scenes with Russell Kent Nicholls cinematic wedding videographer

Why do you think a couple should book you to film their wedding?

I’d like to think that my couples can see the fun I have shooting their wedding and that my passion is reflected in the quality of work I produce for them. I’m truly invested in our relationship, their relationship and the trust that they put within me to capture their big day without being invasive, giving them a video that’s even better than they’d ever imagined. I hope that my personality shines through in my website and social media channels as I love to have fun and don’t take myself too seriously, but despite my sense of humour I’ll always remain professional and get the job done. I love couples who appreciate the art and style of my work and would hope that I’d be part of the team that makes their day even more memorable.

Intimate moment from Russell Kent Nicholls winter wedding video

How can couples find you to book you for their wedding?

The best way to find me is on Instagram or Youtube where I’m always uploading my latest work – that’s the best place to see what I’ve been up to! For prices and availability, couples can get in touch via my website at 


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