Storme Webster – Amazing Hair & Make-up Artist – Guest Blog Spot

12 May 2020
Bride tribe | Natural hair & make up by Storme | Rebecca Carpenter Photography | The Stars Inside

So next up in my guest blog series is the fabulous Storme Webster, who is an incredible Hair & Make Up Artist. Storme and I both reside in Kingston upon Thames, and we have one of those cute-meet stories as we crossed paths years ago in Richmond Park when our puppies made friends first. Little did I know then how much this beautiful lady would be in my life as the years passed. 

Storme Webster HMUA in action on branding shoot with Rebecca Carpenter & Russell Kent Nicholls

I absolutely love working with her and on a recent branding shoot, Storme did my hair and make-up. As someone who doesn’t wear much make-up ordinarily, she did what she does best and applied natural looking make-up to enhance my features and made me feel more confident and helped to get rid of any nerves I had about stepping in front of the lens. She definitely made me feel amazing! Out of all the roles within the wedding industry, this is the one that gets most up close and personal isn’t it. Storme has such a calm, gentle, caring energy about her, and on your big day she would make you feel like you’re in safe hands. Storme is someone who will make you feel your best, create a hair and make up look that will last all day, and give you the confidence to enjoy all the special moments of your wedding. I’m in love with the images that Storme has shared with me. There are many from the ‘Together in Grace’ shoot which captures everything about Storme’s style: emotion, natural beauty, softness, grace, all tied in with this gentle pastel colour palette. 

Ethereal bridal photo | HMUA by Storme Webster | Rebecca Carpenter Photography | The Stars Inside

You’re going to love reading this interview and learning more about the passion and love Storme has for her work. Enjoy xx

Dreamy bridal photo | HMUA by Storme Webster | Rebecca Carpenter Photography | The Stars Inside

Have you always loved weddings? What made you decide to become a wedding hair and makeup artist?

I am a bit of a romantic, so yes I have always loved weddings!

I decided to pivot my career within the hair and makeup industry and focus solely on weddings when I fell in love with the wedding industry after planning my own wedding and really enjoying the experience. I had moved to London from South Africa – leaving behind my work and business there and decided to start afresh in a new industry that excited me, getting to know more wedding suppliers in London and having more control of my time and work, unlike my previous industry.

Storme Webster HMUA in action on bridal hair in Santorini

When did you start your business? Did you do something else before?

I started my business in 2016 after settling into London. 

In Cape Town, South Africa I was still doing hair and makeup however for commercial and photographic advertisements. I worked on many large campaigns and tv commercials and the 16+ hour days were not appealing to get back into once I had started a new life in a new country and being newly married.

Our own wedding definitely sparked an interest in different fields within the hair and makeup industry. And when I moved to London there was no doubt that I would throw all my efforts into bridal hair and makeup instead as I found that would be more rewarding and satisfying. 

Modern stylish wedding couple capture on Millennium Bridge London | Storme Hair & Make-up

How would you describe your style? Do you have a signature look?

My style is very relaxed, romantic and soft hairstyling with natural and radiant makeup that makes my brides look and feel like the best versions of themselves on their wedding day. 

I would describe my style as being natural and pretty – focusing on my clients comfort and enhancing their naturally beautiful features by framing the face with well thought out hairstyles that look effortless. And making features such as eyes pop without feeling covered in makeup and caked up. I strive to make my clients feel confident and absolutely gorgeous whilst still very much looking recognisable and themselves – The best versions of themselves. 

Beautiful natural romantic hair and make-up by Storme Webster

What makes you unique?

I think my background has helped tremendously in becoming a wedding hair and makeup artist that clients have come to know and trust.

Before starting in the wedding hair and makeup world, I studied hairdressing and am a qualified hairdresser. I had been doing hair and makeup for 7 years before moving to London. I worked on high-end productions which were often stressful however I needed to be calm and collected which is a quality I have been told many brides have appreciated on their wedding mornings. Not only that – I had to hone my skills to deliver great results within short timeframes ( something I have had to teach my self to unlearn for weddings – but the skill is there should I need to make up time)  Other than mastering my skills and keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques – I was once a bride, and I think that having experienced how one feels on the wedding morning and being about to relate and share the excitement with my brides has been phenomenal. I truly love being able to share such a special morning with my clients, and make it enjoyable and stress-free, creating a calm environment. I think by offering both hair and makeup – booking in one place has allowed brides the comfort of not having to find two separate artists, and being able to have their bridal consultations where they can see the ‘full bridal look’ where they can envision their day ahead and get all the more excited and rest assured that they will feel amazing on their wedding day!

Creative bridal hair styling by Storme Webster

Where do you find inspiration?

I draw inspiration from each and every client that sits in my chair. I am a firm believer that one needs to look at each and every person’s hair: texture, colour, length, style, etc to find the best and most flattering hairstyle. The same can be said for makeup; eye colour, face shape, eye shape are all looked at when determining what will best flatter each and every client. We look at the dress they have chosen and if it calls for the hair to be up as to not hide any beautiful details. Or whether it’s best to have their hair down, as they feel more comfortable with a lovely hair down look. The type of wedding they are having and if it is inside or outside and what time of the day will play an important part in deciding their bridal look. I would say I find inspiration in the individual and their wants and needs and we build upon that to create something unique and flattering for each client.  

What colour palettes do you love?

I would say my brides are drawn to me as I would be classed as a very natural hair and makeup artist. Warmer colours such as browns and bronzes, or soft pinks, and highlighting colours that aren’t too dark but fresh and radiant. 

Romantic natural bridesmaid hair and make up by Storme Webster | Rebecca Carpenter | The Stars Inside

What do you love most about your job?

I love my clients and the fact that I am not only providing them with beautiful hair and makeup, but also creating a feeling of confidence and joy on such a special morning. I am honoured to be invited into such a close and beautifully magical morning to pamper my brides and bridal party. It’s such a fun and joyous morning filled with excitement. I get to see the bride in her wedding dress and how the day unfolds from what she had described in our first meeting at her bridal trial. Its really magical, and I am blessed that I can have such fun in my job!

Where is your favourite place and why?

My favourite place has got to be where I live – Kingston upon Thames. I love the beautiful walks that it has to offer – whether it be through Richmond Park or down along the river Thames. It is my form of relaxation and escapism whilst walking my dog, Harley, in such gorgeous surroundings. 

Together in Grace | Bride & bridesmaid | Storme Hair & Make-up | Rebecca Carpenter Photography | The Stars Inside

What’s your favourite cake flavour? What’s your favourite tipple?

I definitely love cake and choosing a favourite is hard! But if I had to choose it would be red velvet.  My favourite tipple is most likely Amarula ( which is a South African dessert drink which is creamy and thick)

Do you have any tips for a bride to be?

I would advise brides to to listen to how they feel they would be most comfortable…and not listen to what they have heard that they ‘have to do’.

I think that nowadays weddings are so much more about coming together as a couple, and them doing their own thing at their weddings and showing who they are as a couple.

If you’re not traditional and don’t want to wear a veil – don’t. Also don’t feel pressured to have more makeup on than what you feel comfortable wearing. Artists will be able to create looks that will work both in person and on camera, without you looking different and your groom not recognising you. Because the last thing you want to be worrying and aware of throughout your wedding day is – not feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

Storme Webster, Hair and Make-up Artist, at work on bridal look | Rebecca Carpenter | The Stars Inside

How can couples find you to book you for their wedding?

Couples can find me either on my website or on my Instagram

Photography: Rebecca Carpenter

Video: Russell Kent Nicholls


I appreciated the personal touch in the interview, which allowed us to get to know Storme on a deeper level. Her advice on skincare and the importance of making clients feel comfortable and confident is not only relevant but also reflects her professionalism.