Watercolour Buttercream Cake for a Coastal-Inspired Wedding Theme

11 February 2019
Watercolour Buttercream Cake for a Coastal-Inspired Wedding Theme

I have this romantic notion that one day I’ll live by the sea. I think I’ve had that wish since I was a young girl. On one holiday as a child visiting Sri Lanka, I recall falling asleep to the sound of the Indian Ocean waves roaring and pounding onto the beach. All those years ago, the sea cast a spell over me and I’m still bewitched! Even to this day. I honestly don’t mind if it’s the middle of winter and I’m bundled up in warm clothes taking a blustery stroll along the beach…or if I swap if it for midsummer heat, the sun blazing down on me and I’m swimming in the sea. It really doesn’t matter what country I’m in, I’m happy as long as I can hear the sea rushing to the shore and feel the wind blowing in my hair. For me, being by the sea will always be my happy place. 

Textured buttercream wedding cake with fresh ranunculus and dried bracken

It’s these feelings and emotions that I tap into when I’m forming cake designs in my mind, my creativity is always led by my heart and my intuition. I find huge inspiration in nature and for this cake design, it was all about the sea. I wanted to capture the movement of the waves through buttercream brushstrokes and texture. And the colours were inspired by a day at the English coast in pale blues, greys and ivory. The edible pearls bring a touch of timeless elegance and beauty and a nod to the jewel of the ocean. I love reflecting the seasons in my work, so as we are in the month of February, the final embellishments on the cake are the fresh white ranunculus and dried leaves including the delicate bracken tendrils.

Elegant coastal inspired wedding favour biscuits

I thought it would be lovely to continue the design theme into a collection of wedding favour biscuits that would complement the classic feel of the main cake. With the same details of textural brushstrokes, pearls and an additional touch of edible lace for an Old World feel.

Romantic wedding favour biscuits inspired by the coast

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