Vaani Wadman, founder of Sugar Plum Bakes, Wedding Business Mentor

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for Wedding Creatives

The wedding industry is an incredible and exciting place to work in – it's filled with inspiring creatives who serve people deeply in love. There is something so special about working with couples celebrating their bond in front of much loved family and friends. When you’re new to this industry though, it can feel overwhelming. Leaving you unsure of where to start and how to get yourself seen. Do you wonder how clients will even find you to book you?

Do you aspire to be a high-end supplier? Are you not sure how to get there or where to begin? I can help you.

Over the last 7 years I’ve been on a personal journey to grow my business from scratch to a thriving and prominent business within our industry. I feel very fortunate that I’m regularly booking my dream client and I’m really proud of the strong relationships I’ve built with many of key people in the wedding industry.

Prior to running my own business, I worked as a Chemical Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry. Throughout those years of working in the corporate world, I always craved something else, work that was fulfilling and could feed my creative soul. After my children were born, I took the step to launch my cake business. I’ve made mistakes and learnt from them and have built up my business to become a sought after wedding supplier and have continued to grow and evolve so that my cakes are in demand.

I offer 1:1 mentoring to wedding creatives. Together we can understand your business and delve into these key areas: who you want to be working with and who you want to attract. Are you being consistent across your online platforms? Is your branding communicating with your audience effectively? Are you receiving high quality enquiries? I want to help give you clarity so that you can make better decisions for your business and be much more considered and strategic with how you go forwards.

1:1 Mentoring

Vaani Wadman, founder of Sugar Plum Bakes, Wedding Business Mentor

Vaani Wadman, founder of Sugar Plum Bakes, Wedding Business Mentor


Booster Call

1:1 Booster Consultation Call, duration of 1 hour where I draw on my experience to give you advice, tips and strategies to move your business forwards

Intensive 4-month 1:1 mentoring programme where we can work together to really transform your business and take it to another level altogether


One off call:

£ 1600

£ 125

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I want to help you become a supplier who is in demand and who can charge premium prices to your clients

Do you want to run a flourishing business and feel valued by your clients? And above all do you want to make a secure earning, and be able to pick and choose the projects and weddings you want to work on? If you're ready for this and you're ready to work, I have two options available to you to take your business to another level:

- One-off booster consultation call. Are you in need of a jump-start to get going? You want to get to that next level without wasting time? During this call you can run your ideas and thoughts past me and I can give you advice and and strategies on how to get moving forwards. Price: £125

- 4 month 1:1 programme. If you're ready to really dig deep into your business and take it to a whole other level, my my 1:1 mentoring programme is designed with you in mind. Price: £1600

I want to share what I’ve learned with you. I want to help you get to where you’re going faster.

The wedding industry is a bustling, diverse marketplace where you can truly express your own style and flair. Do you want to learn how you can attract the clients that are right for you? Do you want the kind of work that gets you excited and energised?

4-month programme includes:

- 12 hour long coaching sessions over 4 months.

- Unlimited Whatsapp support from me for the 4 months.

Price: £1600

Up-Level Now

When you hire me as your mentor, I'm here to support you. Throughout the programme, you can contact me directly. I only take on a handful of clients, so you'll have my undivided attention.

1:1 Mentoring Programme

To get you breaking through, we're going to have to really delve into understanding you and your business.

We'll discuss the support you feel you need to get to the next level and what success really looks like for you. This will help define the programme that will be tailored to you, although these things are never fixed and will most likely evolve as you work through the tasks.

The steps of this process will take place over a space of 4 months where we will have weekly calls of an hour's duration at a regular, specified time each week. We'll explore different areas of your business so that at the end of every call, you'll have objectives and tasks to complete that will help you steadily grow. Some tasks are likely to be more in depth and intense, so every 4th week, we'll have time off to allow you time to take it all in.

I want to find out what makes you unique, what makes you different from the rest of the crowd and together we'll identify the people you want to serve. During this programme I will work with you on a weekly basis to help you grow your business and reach your goals and aspirations. Before we start our journey together, we'll have a complimentary call to talk about what you want to achieve with your business.

Vaani Wadman, founder of Sugar Plum Bakes, Wedding Business Mentor

Would you like to work with me?

"I've known Vaani for years, she's smart, kind and endlessly encouraging. I've been wanting to get more visible in my brand for years and she managed to get me chatting on video in my stories!"

"If I could describe Vaani in three words, it would be genuine, passionate and professional, and I can't thank her enough for all her valued support and encouragement."

Book in a discovery call to find out how I can help you.

1:1 Mentoring
1:1 Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring

Discovery Call

Kind Words

Vaani has been a constant support to me for quite some time now.

Vaani Wadman, founder of Sugar Plum Bakes, Wedding Business Mentor

“As I made the transition from a full time job in the theatre world into throwing myself into the wedding and events industry as a calligrapher and engraver.  Her mentoring has been unfailingly kind; Vaani has been generous with her time, encouraging me to put the effort into the most vital areas of my business and has nurtured my confidence as I become more visible on social media.  Her quiet grace, style and obvious success have been an inspiration to me, and her intimate knowledge of the wedding industry, hugely valued.”

- Claire

I had the privilege of being under Vaani’s wing for a short while and I need to tell you one thing:

Vaani Wadman, founder of Sugar Plum Bakes, Wedding Business Mentor

“Vaani is a real cheerleader! She’s always very supportive, encouraging, kind and willing to share her knowledge. She believed in me when I didn’t fully believe in myself and for that I am very grateful. Vaani knew exactly what to say to make me stop doubting myself and get out of my comfort zone. If you're wondering whether to work with Vaani, don't hesitate - DO IT!”

- Weronika

Modern elegant buttercream wedding cake

Vaani and I connected straight away after I got in touch.

I started my home fragrance business last year, and as a new business owner, I am continually learning about my style, brand and customers. But with that comes a little apprehension and a lot of overthinking. Vaani offered valued advice and eased me out of my comfort zone to connect with my client base and show the face behind my brand. More importantly, she was willing to pass sound knowledge and advice, which can only strengthen the industry as a whole.

- Felecia

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Vaani Wadman | Sugar Plum Bakes | Mentor for Wedding Suppliers | Rebecca Carpenter Photography

"Talking with you helped me to find my artistic voice and do what I wanted to do without trying to imitate other artists and helped me define my niche and myself and gave me confidence."

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